Army officer assignments

About West Point - Assnment Opportunities If you've fallen away from good study habits, or would like to improve on your existing practices, the following web sites may help you prepare for attending our courses. The United States Military Academy at West Point USMA is a tremendous place to. Most Instructor and Tactical Officer/NCO assnments are competitive and.

U. S. Army JROTC An exclusive survey of West Point graduates shows that it’s not just money. The Army's Service to America. The Official site giving full details and information about the Army JROTC Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program.

An Air Force officer The military doesn't Officer assnments are an integral part of the SCARNG. The assnment system directs assnments based on the need for an officer of a particular career code i.e. "Security Forces" and rank i.e.

A Tale of Two Majors Talent Management and Army Officer I’d like to believe that the military is not only a learning organization but an idea-generating organization, fertile ground for hundreds more Petraeuses. A Tale of Two Majors Talent Management and Army Officer Promotions. Broadening assnments would then be picked in order of OML rank.

Army officer assignments:

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