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Journal of Medical Microbiology - Microbiology 2015 Impact Factor: 2.268 2015 5-year Impact Factor: 2.879 Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Journal of Medical Microbiology JMM is one of the leading peer-reviewed journals. on how to get the most out of Altmetric and raise the profile of their research. As 2016 comes to a close, we've rounded up the 10 papers from our journals.

Recent Research in Microbiology Articles - It publishes hh quality research and review papers on novel aspects of microbiology, including environmental, food, agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, soil, water and biodeterioration. Recently published articles from Research in Microbiology. Submit Your Paper. Mollicutes in vaginal microbiology Mycoplasma hominis, Ureaplasma.

BMC Microbiology Home page Microbiology Research is an international, online-only, open access peer-reviewed journal which publishes orinal research, review articles, editorials, perspectives, case reports and brief reports to benefit researchers, microbiologists, physicians, veterinarians. BMC Microbiology is an open access journal publishing orinal peer-reviewed research articles in analytical and functional studies of prokaryotic and.

Microbial Genomics - Microbiology Society Journals Sulfide mineral processing often produces large quantities of wastewaters containing acid-generating inorganic sulfur compounds. Microbial Genomics welcomes papers that use genomic approaches to. received the hhest scores from Altmetric, the platform that collates where research is.

A Guide to Writing Research Papers for Introductory Microbiology. Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, including single-cell, viruses, and bacteria. A Guide to Writing Research Papers for Introductory Microbiology BiSc 137 and BiSc 137W David Morris, Department of Biological Sciences.

Microbiology News, Research - News Medical Structural motifs inherent in bacterial peptidoglycan (PG) are important recognition domains for some efficient host responses to pathogenic bacterial infection, so PG modifications by the infecting bacterium can neutralize host responses. New research reveals a hh-resolution view of the Zika viral life cycle within infected cells and shows dramatic changes in the cell's architecture throughout the.

About the journal - Microbiology Society Journals Publishes topical, hh-quality reviews and research articles on all aspects of the field. Microbiology publishes topical, hh-quality reviews and research articles on all. letter why their paper is more appropriate for Microbiology than for a virology.

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