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I'm actively looking for a topic for my master's thesis final - Quora Financial crisis•disposition effect•loss averssion & investor risk•foren exchange I work at a Scandinavian mutual funds company, so anything related to mutual funds would be extra interesting for me, as I could probably get some good help in-house - specially if the topic suggests a need for interviews. As a matter of fact, I do have a case in mind, but I would really appreciate any other suggestions. Feb 27, 2015. If you are still interested in doing something related to hedge fund, you could maybe. I would think then that political implications of behavioral finance mht be an avenue. 1.3k Views Answer requested by. Maryam Afrasiabi.

MSc Behavioural Finance - Queen Mary University of London Research in this area draws on theory and methods from cognitive and social psychology, economics, and other related fields. Behavioural Economics is a relatively new field that studies such violations and proposes theories to explain them. Behavioural Finance is a part of Behavioural.

Project Management from a Behavioral Finance Perspective - GUPEA We have a broad range of research interests, including behavioral and experimental finance, behavioral decision theories, cross-cultural comparison of investors and financial , behavioral political economy, relationship between culture and institutions, etc.08/31/16: A cross-country study on time preferences is published on Journal of Economic Psychology (Vol. The study has been reported in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Süddeutsche Zeitung and Wirtschaftswoche. Bachelor/Master Thesis, ICU20. Project Management from a Behavioral Finance Perspective. - A case study of SCA -. Bachelor/Master Thesis.

Role of Behavioral Finance in Portfolio Investment Decisions. - IES Ph D in Management Sciences, Université Louis Pasteur, 2007Strasbourg University Thesis Award (SAUS)Master 104 - Paris Dauphine University Award of the Best Master Financial Thesis provided by “ le Centre National des Professions Financières""The private equity premium puzzle: a behavioural finance approach" (with A. Faculty of Social Sciences. Institute of Economic Studies. MASTER THESIS. Role of Behavioral Finance in Portfolio Investment. Decisions Evidence from India.

Behavioral Finance - ResearchGate Behavioural Finance is a part of Behavioural Economics that studies important "irrationalities" on financial . I am about to start a dissertation in behavioural finance - any guidance on how to. Behavioural finance masters thesis topic, in relation to Trump winning the US.

Cultural Finance & Behavioral Financial Literacy - OhioLINK ETD The Chair of Behavioral Finance by Professor Mei Wang was launched in January 2011. TWO ESSAYS IN FINANCE CULTURAL FINANCE AND BEHAVIORAL FINANCIAL LITERACY. A dissertation submitted to the. Kent State University Graduate.

Master's Thesis - Skemman Behavioral Science involves research on how people make judgments and decisions, and how they interact with one another. Keywords Behavioural finance, value investing, fundamental analysis, mispricing, portfolio composition, asset selection, asset allocation.

Behavioural Economics - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam It is recommended that students take as many finance electives as possible prior to registering for a Hauptseminar. Master programmes · Requirements · Students with an. After the Master · Career prospects. Information SIN-Online Master's Thesis Behavioural Economics.

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